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Detchai Rubber Co.,Ltd
200 Moo 3 Paholyothin Rd.
Tamboon Nongkrod, Amphue Muang,
Nakhonsawan, 60240 THAILAND.
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Detchai Rubber Company Limited has established since 1975. In the 70’s Thai rice mill
industry, it was the early age and rising. The good quality rice rubber rollers were needed
to save cost of paddy dehusking. Our factory was the first Thai factory that offered the
rice rubber roller, “SPORTMAN”, with great quality and cost saving. Cost saving did not
mean “cheap”, but it was the outputs divided by price. We have done it better than other
ricerubber rollers from other countries which even their prices were lower than ours.

Therefore, SPORTMAN has become the most well-known rice rubber roller in Thailand.
Other than great qualities, we offer customers after sales service as well. Yontpholdee
is the rice milling machine manufacturer which is our SPORTMAN sole-distributor in
Thailand. Yontpholdee has many rice millingmachine technicians who are available to
rush to rice mill to advice customers how to use rice rubber rollersin proper way.Just like
car tires, rice rubber rollers need to be used appropriately. Otherwise no matter how
good rubbersare, they can be wasted.

In 2011, Detchai rubber factory, a home of SPORTMAN, was certified by SGS for ISO9001-2008 UKAS.
We are the first rice rubber roller factory in Thailand who has ISO9001-2008. We has been investing a lot in quality management system to assure
customers the qualities. We also use the independent outsource rubber testing lab which belongs to a university to check and test our rubber
compound aswell.  It is our responsibility to make the best rice rubber rollers. It is our promise to customers. We believe that it is what makes
SPORTMAN well known to rice mills.

Recently, SPORMAN is exported to many other countries such as Philippines, Laos, Malaysia, Egypt, Bangladesh, and USA. Our experiences in
Thai rice mills are used to design the rubber compound to be suitable for each type of paddy in each country.

SPORTMAN has become a universal rice rubber roller to fit for your rice dehusker without any hesitations. That is for sure!